I understand

Starting and growing a small business is no easy feat.

There are tons of things to be done, and only so little time

Some parts of the business you love doing and are great at it

Some parts are just necessary to keep the business going

Sometimes you get stuck at vital parts of the business, or even at the point before you start your business

If you need to hire some external help, here are some ways I can be of assistance

Hire me!

I’m a Small Business Owner, Strategist, and Marketer with over 10 years experience

If the challenges you face falls into the categories that are listed below, feel free to reach out to me for a quote!


Facebook Marketing

Here are some stats about me:

  • I founded Kee’s Creampuffs – which is currently a fully online specialty bakery
  • 40% of the sales of my travel agency comes from online
  • Prior to starting my small business, I was involved in advertising and marketing and worked on / with / for many international brands (Such as Michelin, IKEA, Panasonic, Perodua to name a few)

I have also used Facebook ads extensively in my own businesses

If you need any help setting up or running your Facebook campaigns, let’s talk!


Website Design & Hosting

I strongly believe every business needs a website

I design all the websites for all my small businesses, including 1 Day 1 Thought’s website and am a big fan of WordPress

If you want to build up your online presence or need somewhere to host your website, you’re at the right place


Content Creation and Writing Services

I am available for various types of writing services, including:

  • Blog articles
  • Marketing materials’ copywriting
  • Website copywriting
  • Video script writing
  • Article editing and proof-reading

Feel free to browse through 1 Day 1 Thought’s blog for samples of my writing


Strategy Consultation and Coaching

I can help with various areas of your business strategy, including

  • Business plan formulation or review
  • Identifying and understanding your target audiences
  • Idea validation
  • Consumer journey deep-dive and research
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Strategy Coaching

Let’s connect!

If you’re interested to hire me for any of the services listed above, simply fill up the form below and I’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible!

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