$1000 Challenge Update #4 – Reaching Out

For those who are new, this is a progress update of my Ultimate Challenge – Creating a small business that generates USD1000/month (on the side) using a comprehensive business plan. Long story short, this blog will serve as a small business that I attempt to use to generate at least $1000 monthly income (on the side) by the end of this year

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Why this small business challenge

This challenge was started to celebrate what 1 Day 1 Thought stands for – sharing information and knowledge to help you learn how to start and grow a business, even if it’s a side hustle.

I share updates about this challenge on a weekly and monthly basis covering these things:

  • My thought processes
  • Specific actions taken
  • Progress of this small business
  • Traffic details
  • Income vs expenses details
  • Progress vs goals
  • Anything else I think is relevant

By doing so, I hope for 2 things:

  1. If you already have a business idea that’s been lingering in your mind, or if you’ve always wanted to start a small business – I hope this challenge will inspire you to take action and just go for it
  2. You will be benefit from learning and applying some of the steps and strategies throughout this journey, saving you a lot of time and guesswork in your own small business

You can view all the progresses of this challenge via this link 

Here’s the low-down for everything I did from 1st – 7 June

An article that I relate to

I started off the week by writing about an article about Why having a website is a must for small businesses. This is one of those articles that I enjoy writing because I can really relate to it

Throughout my years of marketing, I’ve spoken to many small business owners who think that having only a social media business page is enough.

It’s not, and it’s extremely risky. I hope more small business owners realise the importance of having a website, regardless of what industry they are in. 

On top of that, I also wrote about the 3rd update of the $1000 small business challenge where I got the blog’s first income in the form of helping a friend build his website

Blog income related actions

Website work

In order to be able to start working on the website, I paid and set up my own hosting this week. After getting feedback from some experts, I decided to go with Shinjiru

I started to build the website layout according to my customer’s requirement. That took up approximately 3 days of my time. The next step is to start working on the appearance of the website.

Google Adsense

I reapplied to Google Adsense, but got rejected again 1 day later ????

Google mentioned that there were some issues with my website that I needed to fix but didn’t specify what exactly they are

I’m still suspecting that it could be because of 1 Day 1 Thought’s website age (we’re 1 year old as of today but just switched to a self hosted domain 2 months ago), I just can’t verify it

Apparently, there’s no way to directly contact Google for your Adsense issues. The fastest way is to post my question to the Adsense Community, which I did

If I don’t get a helpful answer from the community, the only option I have left is to wait for Google’s official reply


I went to open a company bank account for 1 Day 1 Thought. After all, it’s more professional to bill your clients through a company account compared to a personal account. And I’m a big fan of professionalism ????

My application is expected to be processed next week. Hopefully all goes well!

Reaching out for Affiliate collaborations

I realised that affiliate marketing does not mean just selling a product of a multinational online company; it can also be a collaboration with a local business

This week, I reached out to 2 small business owners – a web design agency and a technology company to explore if there are possibilities of affiliate collaborations

So far, the discussions are only at the ideation level. I think I pitched something that both parties are not familiar with and requires more refining

I will be giving it more thought to see if I can draft a affiliate collaboration format that I can use for other small businesses

Adding value through reaching out

A constant thought in my mind this week is how to provide value in the most impactful manner to current and future small business owners

I think that one of the best ways to do so is to leverage on and incorporate the expertise of other small businesses in the articles that I publish on 1 Day 1 Thought

With that in mind, I reached out to another small business with the proposal to collaborate and write an in-depth guide about how to start a small business in Malaysia

Fortunately, they were on board and we’ll start working on the article soon! The article is expected to be published on the 3rd week of June. I’ll follow up with details.

On a side note, I think the most impactful thing I did throughout the week was reaching out to other people ????

Canonical links

One of the concerns that I had about reposting my blog content on other sites with higher authority (such as Medium and LinkedIn) was that they will overshadow my blog. While doing research on this, I learned about canonical links

Canonical Links

A special designation slipped into the code of a web page to indicate that another page should be considered the origin of the information when the search engine displays the findings to the user (Credit: SEO Pressor)

I also learned that Medium allows the usage of canonical links. Perfect

To take advantage of having a site with higher authority pointing back to 1 Day 1 Thought, I am gradually uploading all my blog posts on Medium

It takes a bit of time to reformat and repost everything, but I think it’s worth the time

Here’s a sample of the article I wrote about Facebook Shops

Where I am vs my goals


This week I published 2 pieces of long form articles. I’m still on track to keep up this pace until the end of June

Pacing myself to write a small portion of my articles on a daily basis seems to be working well for me. This looks to be a long term solution to consistently churn out content

I’m also trying to brainstorm blog ideas from a different perspective

I realised that while I did create an ideal customer persona in my business plan; I did not sit down and visualize their needs at the different points of their entrepreneurial journey

Visualizing their needs could be as simple as asking myself (from their perspective) what will I need to know when I am about to start my small business?

This was the question that led me to reach out to another small business to collaborate and write an in-depth guide


I saw a 46% increase in traffic last week, but overall traffic is still pretty low

However, the good news is that I’m starting to see a change in trends through Google Analytics – people are starting to click around the website and viewing other articles

Hopefully this will lead to more sessions as I build up more content and better internal links


I’ve got 1 additional subscriber this week (10% increase), bringing the total number of email subscribers to 11

I’ve also started working on a lead magnet list:

  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Check List
  • Business Tools
  • Templates
  • Plan / Planner
  • Spreadsheets
  • Worksheets
  • Calculators (ROI / Breakeven)
  • Scripts
  • Swipe file
  • Resources list or roundup

If everything goes according to plan, I should have my first lead magnet up and running by the 3rd week of June. After that, I should start seeing an increase in email subscribers


There were additional 4 page likes this week, giving me a total of 145 page likes (all organic)

I plan to start running ads for the in-depth guide on the 3rd week of June, together with the lead magnets, I should see an uplift in Facebook likes by then


I’m going to continue to push on for opportunities related to affiliate marketing and also collaborations

At the same time, I’m going to relook at whether there are other opportunities of income

If I continue to reach out to other people and small businesses, I am bound to stumble into a suitable opportunity


P/S: You can get access to my live goal tracker by registering for my newsletter in the form below


I don’t have to set the bar too high

I struggled a little with myself this week by wanting to make sure every single article I write is a long form article

It even got the point where I was trying to force some additional or unnecessary information into my articles

I realised I am slapping myself in the face by doing so. Firstly, it’s not practical to do so. Secondly, I shouldn’t write something just for the sake of writing something

If I continue doing this long term, 1 Day 1 Thought might turn into a website filled with fluff, which defeats the whole purpose of me starting this blog in the first place

Instead, I need to learn how to settle and pace myself, and also look at this as an opportunity for me to level up my knowledge so that I have more impactful thoughts to share

I vouch to only say something in this blog only if it’s add value to my readers

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